15 Homemade DIY Skateboard Rack Hacks You Can Diy Easily

For energetic children, outdoor sport should include skating. Any passionate skateboarder needs to ensure that their gear is safe within the home. You will need a rack to store your gear.

Pre-made racks are not the best option, but they can be satisfying if you have the space and budget. DIYers have multiple options for solving the storage problem. These top DIY ideas for skateboard racks will require minimal projection.

Single Skateboard Hanger

It is impossible to exceed the simplicity of the original idea. It takes almost nothing to mount your surfboard or skateboard on the wall.

It is easy enough to complete the project in a short time. After drilling a hole at the desired height on walls, install a holding nail/bolt.

Use a skateboard holder to hold one side of your skateboard. Do not forget to drill holes at the belt ends.

Simple Skateboard Rack

To store your skateboards vertically, you can make a rack. An integrated video will capture the entire process.

After processing, a single piece of 8x2x4 scrap lumber can hold up to five skateboards. Local stores can be sourced cedar to make handsaw and miter saw cuts. There are 13 steps to execution. The last three steps include tools, materials and plans.

You can also browse other design ideas by clicking on the links within this article. Each step also includes many pictures to help explain the details.

Striped skateboard rack

For $3, you can purchase one rack that can store multiple skateboards. To make it possible to store individual gear on a vertical rack, the design is made of wooden stripes.

Before you put the assembly together, pay attention to any inclined holding pieces. To avoid a bent or distorted platform, precise measurements are essential.

Use a drill machine to make enough holes in the walls to fit nails after assembly. You should consider background commentary as you work towards the completion of your project.

Multipurpose Board Shelf

You don’t need to verify for different facilities, regardless of your design or size. This idea is decorative, affordable, and customizable as needed.

You can modify the side of an IVAR-shelf to install the holding parts. The entire process is covered by seven points. There are no limits. You can also modify the shelf to accommodate future demand.

All the necessary measurements are still available for the task. You should be able to see the simplicity of the project with a few words.

Recycled skateboard support

To create decorative storage, combine scrap or reclaimed wood and polished cooper pipe. This time-lapse video will show you how to build the support.

The structure is primarily made up of a wooden frame with certain dimensions. You can connect individual pieces of wood by drilling holes at specific intervals.

Vertical section holes in the pipe allow it to be positioned from the inside. The compact skateboard storage can be made easier by placing two pipes in the same horizontal alignment.

Skateboard Deck Display

Multiple drawer units can be used to store your skateboards, without affecting the decor. This article simply suggests a modification to the outside to store the boards.

The best part is that the support cabinet is still fully functional and intact from the inside. To make room for storage, you will need capita legs. Make sure you measure the space needed to install each unit.

Nothing is more than a few photos of the project taken from various angles. The full implementation should be seen through all its details without the need for words.

Space-Saving Board Shelf

You can also use an older skateboard as storage, in addition to the rack. This innovative idea will make a big impression on wall-mounted items.

The skateboard wheel assembly must be removed from the support deck. To attach the frame to the support structure, drill holes in the surface.

To connect the brace to the repurposed skateboard using nuts, make holes in the deck. A little commentary will allow you to grasp the essential points of the project.

Wooden Skateboard Rack

This guide will show you how to create a rack that can hold your skateboards. After the introduction, make sure to check out the tools and materials needed for the job.

Next, you will need to complete four steps concerning the frame’s construction. Then, you can mount the rack prepared to mount on the wall using a dual-step guide.

You’ll also need to read the tips and warnings that are below. The featured video will help you to implement the project in the right way.

Compact Skateboard Platform

You can hang your skateboard on the wall, but it won’t affect the decor. This video tutorial shows you how to display your favorite playtime gear.

Two pieces of wood must be attached using a perpendicular pattern that is slightly different. To allow you to mount the frame on walls, the base must remain straight.

Place one of the wheels sides on the distorted platform by stepping out from the wall. You can easily drill the holes and increase the decor.

Skateboard Wall Rack

Skip deteriorating scrap wood for metal holding support regarding skateboard storage. This article focuses on more reliable, sophisticated and functional wall-mount decorations.

You will need holding brackets and magnetic boards, as well as supportive hangers. Combining all the pieces together should create a sturdy structure that will protect your surf gear.

You will also need to drill holes at specific intervals on the wall surface. The initial investment will likely be higher than other methods.

Storage for Railed Stakeboards

You can store your skateboards by repurposing a Kobalt railway system at a very affordable price. The design is able to solve your problem, despite its true intent.

You can choose any other framework to replace Kobalt. The overall project becomes extremely simple once the product is available for purchase.

Attaching the individual holding unit to a stretched frame is necessary immediately. The description should be clear and consistent with the screen image.

Extended Skateboard Rack

For any skateboard enthusiast, proper skateboard storage possesses troublesome issues. You can also store your collection in a small but sufficient space.

Because of the size and complexity of the project, it will take you a lot of time. You will need to have some skills and use the right tools to shape the woods.

The process is captured in integrated video, which simplifies it through onscreen representation. The article also includes a video transcript that contains every word in the video.

Outdoor Skateboard Rack

You can transform solid wood cardboard into useful storage for your skateboards. The rack’s design is simple enough to meet any special requirements.

It is necessary to measure the required number of slots within a specific interval. You can also keep a slight distance between slots to aid in this process.

You can use the onscreen commands to assist you in using mechanical tools. After the process is completed, you can share some amazing stunts with your friends.

Electric Skateboard Rack

You can hang items on the wall or in a hanging rack if you don’t have enough space. The electric skateboard rack will outperform other options in terms both of its design and mechanism.

A reasonably long board will need to be assembled with risers and holding hangers. You can build a strong structure for a reasonable initial investment.

Each section has enough words to explain what is happening, so you can easily grasp the key points. You can also check the sections for necessary items by looking at the pictures.

Skateboard shelf storage

This is another way to recycle old skateboards into wall-mount storage. This project is similar to indoor wall shelves that are used for different purposes.

This time-lapse video allows you to see the entire process of skateboard transformation. To make a stronger hanging platform, attach multiple empty skateboard decks.

Installing the deck horizontally can be done by attaching steel braces to your wall. You must also drill some preinstallation holes to ensure nut-bolt connectivity.


You don’t need any special skills to make a skateboard rack. The tricks are affordable for almost everyone, even those with limited resources. Based on the size and count of your skateboard, you will need to determine the necessity. It will be easy to narrow down your options.


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