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How much does it cost to be an actor? Everything. It will take all you have, and acting won’t owe anything in return. There’s magic in that, and I’ll tell you why at the end. Acting training and professional costs are expensive. To give you an idea of the costs involved in becoming an actor and how to maintain your professional online profile in today’s digital world, I will be going through the main training and professional costs. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). For a better understanding of the prices in your region, please convert them to your local currency.

Acting is not an easy profession. It can be expensive to pay for professional requirements such as headshots, showreels, and casting profiles. These expenses are small compared to the emotional cost, which can be substantial if they are not managed well. It is well worth your time to become an actor, despite all that.

What Does Acting Training Cost?

It is crucial to emphasize at the beginning and often that acting requires training. This is an essential point. Acting is not something you can do. No matter how many success stories you’ve seen in the newspaper or on TikTok – acting is a skill that requires practice. Professional, high-quality training at a respected institution is the best way to learn how to do your craft.

Red Flags for Acting Training

Before we get into the details about acting training options, let’s first identify some common red flags regarding acting training. Many charlatans take advantage of the enthusiasm and naivety of actors looking to become professional actors. I’ve spoken with more students about ‘teachers’ worldwide who have taken their money and provided little training in return. Here are some things to watch out for.

IMDB is Your Friend

IMDB is the best place to begin screen acting training. It is important to verify the backgrounds of those who are training you. For example, if they are teaching the Audition Technique, you should check their IMDDB to see when their last gig was. They shouldn’t be teaching audition techniques if they haven’t booked any gigs since the 90s. Ensure that they have previous experience in the subject area they are educating.

Be aware of Your Expectations.

If your teacher promises you that they will introduce you to the casting director for Stranger Things and offer you a role, it is probably a scam. If they can do that, why are they not on Netflix instead? Be wary of those who would use your hopes and dreams against you. It would be best if you were not focusing on the teacher’s connections but on your incremental growth and change.

See the Fees

The final one, and the most important. Before you sign up for a class or workshop, check the fees. Also, ensure there are no hidden fees. As a guideline, you can use the cost estimates in this article to help you estimate the costs. While there may be some variation, it shouldn’t exceed a few thousand. Yes, there are hundreds. But it is a small percentage. However, something extraordinary is still outrageous. Ask around or contact us at stageMilk to get a second opinion.

Different types of acting training:

One-on-One Training

Many actors or those interested in acting will either start or continue their training by taking one-on-one acting classes. One-on-one sessions are great for actors who have been away from acting and want to get back in the game. They can also be useful for children who don’t have a drama class at school and want to learn acting.

Hourly rate: Between 50 and 150 AUD. Most commonly, around 90 AUD.

Short Courses

Short courses are the most popular training method for actors of any ability. A short course is a great option for actors of all abilities because it offers high-quality training during weekends or nights (outside normal working hours). This allows busy actors or people who have a regular jobs to continue their acting skills outside of work.

Cost: Between 300 and 3000 AUD depending on course length and frequency.


Many wonderful training institutions, such as The Hub Studio or 16th Street, offer one-off courses with amazing actors, directors, and teachers who specialize in acting. These courses last between one and four days and are expensive. These courses are an excellent way to break out of a rut, learn new skills, try a new method, or reconnect with your acting. Larry Moss’ masterclass, which 16th Street hosts every year in Australia, is a great example.

Course Costs: Between 350 AUD to 3000 AUD depending on the teacher selected and course length.


That’s it! This is a definitive list of the costs involved in being an actor. It will cost you a lot financially and emotionally and take a lot more time. It is not easy, nor quick, to become an actor.

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