Actors have 5 skills that will benefit you.

Acting training should always be the priority. It should include building confidence, exploring characters, vocal flexibility, and breaking down scripts. These are all valuable skills that should be practised every day.

Sometimes acting skills are not enough to get you jobs. Many auditions required intermediate guitar skills, a full driver’s license, or professional swimming experience. What are the different skills that actors need?

#1 Driver’s License

An active driver’s license is vital for everything, from commercial auditions to film productions. You are missing out on many opportunities. Although it’s not costly, it does require dedication and time. Once you do it, it will be yours forever. It’s worth it.

#2 Singing

It is no surprise that many drama schools have weekly singing classes. It is good for your voice and valuable skill in the acting industry. A lot of theatre, film and TV productions require vocal work. It could be as simple as singing a song in Indie films or as complex as writing “I believe in the Book of Mormon. It doesn’t matter what your voice is like; it doesn’t hurt to get lessons and see what you can do. Even if your voice is not very good and you can only hold a tune, it’s worth learning lessons to improve if you are ever asked if your ability to sing, you will know what you can do and be able to answer. A basic singing range can differentiate between getting gigs and not getting gigs.

#3 Dance

Dance is an essential skill that most performers have. Dance is essential to good performance. It requires flexibility, rhythm and stamina. It’s worth looking into basic dance training if you didn’t have to go to class with your mum as a child and your only dance lessons were at Ivy Bar on Saturday nights. Although theatre productions incorporating dance elements are common, it’s not a bad idea to consider musicals. Although you won’t be auditioning for Chorus Lines, many work opportunities require basic dancing skills.

#4 Sport

I am 6’7″, so that’s what I am. This is a pretty impressive height. Because of my height, I auditioned for multiple roles in Basketball and AFL. Even though I was offered a part in a basketball movie, I didn’t have the skills necessary to do it. They noticed that I was learning fast, and they were impressed. These two sports are worth learning, so I made it one of my goals this year. Which is yours?

#5 Music skills

Music and acting are interrelated. It is a great advantage to have some basic musical knowledge. You don’t necessarily need to be able to play the violin, but it is a big help. This allows you to hold and pretend to play an instrument. If you want to expand your opportunities, I recommend learning basic skills on the piano and guitar, which are the most common instruments in film, television, and theatre.


Use the skills that you have and continue to improve them. You never really know when you will need to use your knowledge or perform in a hurry. It is worth taking a hard look at your current position. It’s easy to improve my basketball skills, being 6’7. Even though there is only one basketball audition annually, I’m giving my best shot by improving my skills. You can do anything you want, whether horse riding, yoga, or magic tricks. Just make sure your CV is up-to-date.

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