Biggest Acting Mistakes

I wish I could be one of those people who could have “NO REGRETS” tattooed on the backside of their hand. Then every day, I would see it and realize that living in the past is a waste of time. I’d jump right into my day with joy and anticipation worthy of a border collie, […]

In Defense of Shyness

When I was nine years old, my family moved to Perth, Western Australia. I moved from a school with just over 200 students to a school in the city with three times as many. The school’s difference in size was incredible to me, but the difference in my grades with the other students was also […]

An Actor’s Guide for Student Films

It would be best if you had training, experience and luck to be a successful actor. Student films are the best way to gain experience as a new actor. Students films offer actors a great opportunity to network with young filmmakers, practice their craft and meet other talented and enthusiastic people striving to make something useful for future employment. Unfortunately, […]

Things I Learned from Luke Cook

Luke Cook, an Australian actor, is best known for his roles in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Katy Keene. People don’t know much about Luke, but they do not realize how passionate and hardworking he is as an actor and writer. You should follow him to see some of his hilarious Instagram content. Luke was kind enough […]

How to participate in a Show Development

It’s exciting to develop new work. This is a great way for actors to practice their craft and keep their skills sharp. You’ll have the opportunity to create new material in a completely safe and non-judgmental environment. People will also be interested in your opinions about the show. Before you become power-mad about it, there […]

How to NOT have an acting career

#1 Don’t Be a Jerk There is no better way to end your career than by resigning. Acting requires that you work with many people. This category includes being difficult to work alongside, bullying, and acting like you and your role is more important than anyone else. You may ask, “But what about this Oscar-winning […]

What is good acting?

You all know acting. According to the Oxford dictionary, it is “the art or occupation that involves performing fictional roles in plays or films or television.” Great, that sounds very straightforward. However, it’s a huge leap between that statement and the definition of good actin is. This is what we are going to explore today. What is good acting? […]

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