Outdoor playground equipment for kids has many advantages.

Playing outside is a natural attraction for children. The open-air play has many benefits, including examining their condition, improving muscle quality and coordination, and boosting self-assurance. Outside play can also improve adaptability and fine and gross engine abilities. It is associated with developing many physical abilities, including those involved in games. These abilities can be […]

Before you act, what should you do?

Every moment you take before you perform is sacred. Larry Moss, who we had the privilege of interviewing earlier in the year, dedicates a whole chapter to The Intent to live’ to The Moment before. That’s because the moment BEFORE you start a scene is arguably more important than the scene/monologue/conversation itself. This begs the question: is […]

Actor: How will 2022 be different?

The Year of the Inner Child “To act, you must be a child.” — Paul Newman W.C. Fields, American Actor and Comedian, famously stated in Hollywood, “Never work alongside animals or children.” They are unpredictable and can “steal the scene”. It would be best if you, therefore, worked with them. Observing how their lack of […]

The Envy Advantage

I want to discuss something that we don’t often want to talk about: Envy. Jealousy. Comparison. I know. We have been taught to avoid certain words and emotions so we don’t look flawed. They can exist, even though it doesn’t prevent them. However, I can’t say that I enjoy being envious or comparing myself to […]

How to make your acting career in 2022

It’s 2022. It’s a brand new year. This is your chance to kick-start your acting career and get things moving. Mindset Let’s start with mindset. Ask any celebrity or actor how they got there. You’ll hear things like Failure just wasn’t an option” (Jennifer Lawrence), I loved every audition because it was an opportunity for me to act”(Bryan […]

7 Acting Truths I Learnt Too Late

I have been out of drama school since 2006. And I’ve learned a lot. Unfortunately, I learned a lot too late, which has cost me my time, money, and roles. These are 23 acting truths that I wish I knew from day one. You will have the best chance of success if you can let […]

5 Smart Actor Snacks

An actor has a few valuable resources: stamina, energy, focus and creativity. But how often do you arrive on set, at rehearsals or to that all-important-big-time audition and lack at least one (if not all) of the above? You might have had to work late to get the casting call, your job is draining your […]

5 Plays You Shouldn’t Have Read

This article, despite its title, is not meant to make anyone feel bad. Many talented, passionate actors aren’t reading plays or watching them. This could be due to a variety of reasons. 1. They watched a few plays, but they were all horrible.  2. They don’t have the money. 3. They heard some terrible readings […]

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