How to entertain guests at your home

Hosting guests can be a daunting task and requires a lot of effort. We can’t take away all the hard work into hosting friends and family in your home. But we can help make it a little easier by sharing some entertaining tips. We’ve all been there. Guests arrive within an hour, and we rush […]

Empowering music for eating disorder recovery

Music was a curative tool in mythology, religion, philosophy, and well before Spotify playlists with empowering recovery songs or Pinterest boards featuring inspiring lyric tattoos. Apollo, the Greek god Apollo of music and medicine, used his songs to heal disease. David used his harp in the Old Testament to soothe Saul. Aristotle wrote that music […]

Dancers Reclaim Ownership of their Art

We are excited to share insights from Saint Paul City Ballet dancers about eating disorders and how they embrace their bodies, and what it helps them do: perform their art. This series will show you the history of “Taking Back the Tutu” and the statements made by the nine dancers. Brittany Adams, Social Media Coordinator […]

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