Five Creative Ways to Entertain Serious Audiences

¬†After putting so much effort into event planning, it can be a disaster for event managers to hear event attendees complain that their speakers’ presentations were mellow, boring or yawnfests. It is hard to believe that attendees don’t love the monotony of speakers with anything to do but listen to the PowerPoint remote fade from slide to slide as their audience becomes dreadful at spending their time in a crowded room.

As an event planner, you have many options to make sure that you entertain serious audiences in a fun and creative way. These five amazing ways can bring life to your audience – perhaps one of these will work for you when you plan future events.

Get a hook

In a matter of seconds, you can lose an audience, especially if your tactics are old and useless. Boring things are not popular today. It would be best if you surprised your audience with a hook. The “hook” is like a catchy song (think Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc.) – it’s what makes or breaks an artist’s career today. Find a way that grabs your audience’s attention. Look for speakers willing to go against the grain and make a statement that will shock people. Start discussions during presentations. Get involved in the discussion. Every attendee has a view today.

Funk is a must!

Entertainment culture is something that everyone enjoys, regardless of who they are. You can make an event more lively by having performers start the day. Local bands, musicians, fire-throwers, or circus performers could all be invited. Ensure your event theme is tied into the performance and include your audience members in it. It’s a great way to kick off a day of networking and long event sessions than to blow the roof off the place! It will also be a great conversation starter during the day and at networking events. You can capture the most memorable moments on video and photos for social media and send them out to attendees.

Take them on tour.

It’s a great way to grab an audience’s attention. Start your keynote session with a hint or clue about what might be coming up in the session. Have your audience guess and use social media to share their guesses and comments. As clues begin to appear, participants will find the answers. This can be a fun contest that you can have multiple winners. It’s fun to win prizes at events. So why not make it a day of it? Start by giving a hint in your keynote.

Be a Revolutionary

The agenda structure of every event is the same today. It is easy to walk into any room, large or small, and take a seat. After listening to 60 minutes of technology talks, you can send a few tweets to your app to move on to the next session. Try something new. As we mentioned, it’s much more fun to invite the audience to your presentations. You can make sessions more interactive and hands-on. Have questions prepared for the audience to ask.

This is a way to make the most of the entire session and not just one person’s opinion for an hour. Collaboration is a way to learn more, get new ideas, and make it easier to speak out loudly.

Let them dance

Ellen DeGeneres’ dancing is a great idea. Ellen DeGeneres would be the new Oprah if you lived in bubbles for 12 years. Dance is her favourite thing to do every episode. It’s amazing. It makes you feel good. It brings out the best in you and makes you smile. You can have short dance breaks at events. They can be used in the middle of sessions or during networking events, expo areas, meetings, and between sessions. This will be a topic that everyone will talk about throughout the event and for many years to follow!


It is important to bring a smile to serious audiences. No one likes to see people looking stern at events. There are many creative ways to make a room more lively. Try these ideas to bring out the best in you!


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