Here are some steps to make 2022 your best acting year yet

After the #2021 disappointment, I’m sure you have high expectations for 2022. This is an opportunity to start over and make waves in our acting careers, despite Covid-19 being around. This is all okay. The pandemic is beyond our control. What about our acting careers? We certainly have some control over this. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to make this your best year as an actor (pandemic or not).

#1 Define your Goals

Let’s begin at the beginning. A healthy mindset is a key to success. If you have not done so, it is time to create clear, achievable, and actionable goals for the next year. Be specific and realistic. But don’t forget to include everything. You can see that they will change throughout the year. That’s perfectly normal. Without a clear goal, it isn’t easy to find direction and motivation to do anything.

#2 Accountability for your Goals

How many times have your goals been set and forgotten about 2 days later? Please make a list of your goals and stick them on a wall or as a screen saver. You’ll be reminded every day of your goals by looking at them daily.

Tell 3 trusted friends¬†that you will accomplish this goal …”. I shared my creative writing partner with my friend, my best friend from overseas, and my therapist. They all now know what I am working towards for the year and will support me in achieving it.

It can be not easy to declare your goals loudly. We fear that we won’t achieve them, and someone will witness. It isn’t easy to be accountable for your actions. It’s easier to hold ourselves accountable to someone else. Please write down your goals and share them with trusted confidants as soon as possible!

#3 Start

Today, take one step toward your goals. Yes! Right now! It doesn’t matter how insignificant or small it seems, and I would rather you start small and do them now than wait six months to make a big move. You might start by creating a vision board and researching acting classes in your local area.

You will get closer to your goal if you take 100 smaller steps than if you took 3 larger ones.

Notable: Do you feel lost or unsure of where to start? You may feel lost or unsure of where to start. This could be a sign that your goals are not clear enough. If necessary, go back and review them.

#4 Create New Habits

Develop new habits that will benefit your craft and career. You can do a daily¬†vocal warm-up, weekly auto-tape, monthly reading, etc. People who have great habits and a strong work ethic are the best at this job. It takes six weeks to create a habit. Choose something achievable and stick with it for at least 6 months. After that, it will be much easier. It’s like renovating your kitchen to create new healthy habits. You can now walk around the new kitchen, enjoy the organization, and prepare your meal feeling fresh and fun. It’s not a difficult task once it’s established. You’ll find it enjoyable to do your daily tasks. Your heart and mind will be grateful.

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