How to entertain guests at your home

Hosting guests can be a daunting task and requires a lot of effort. We can’t take away all the hard work into hosting friends and family in your home. But we can help make it a little easier by sharing some entertaining tips. We’ve all been there. Guests arrive within an hour, and we rush to ensure everything is in order.

Hosting guests can be as simple as hosting a couple of hours at a dinner party or cocktail party to hosting overnight guests over the weekend. To help you greet your guests with a smile, we’ll show you the intricacies of each hosting. You don’t need an event planner to follow our recommendations unless you host more than 100 people. In which case, we recommend calling an event planner.

Create a comfortable atmosphere for your company

Most dinner parties start with drinks and appetizers. The living room is a great place to gather, but it also allows guests to stay outside the kitchen while your main course is being prepared. You want your guests to feel at home. Creating a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere doesn’t have to be difficult. We recommend that you have enough seating in your living room for everyone. You don’t have to use the same furniture every day. You can pull up an ottoman and a bench if you need more seating. You can then turn the music down and light a candle to add atmosphere to the room. It’s easy enough.

Start your evening with a refreshing drink at the fire pit, especially if it is just getting cold outside. This plan is great for summer, especially if it’s mild.

Create a playlist in advance

Although we have already discussed creating a playlist beforehand, it can be even more useful to have several options depending on the mood and weather. You can add your favourite songs to Spotify playlists whenever you have the time. Instead of creating these playlists all at once, add to them over a few weeks or months, and you’ll soon have the most popular playlists around.

Create a theme or an activity for the evening

Some parties can be fun and involve a theme or an activity that takes the pressure off you and your guests. It could be a birthday party for a child or a night of wine and friends. No matter what company you are in, pre-planning party games or board games can help to engage your guests. You might be hosting a neighbour who needs some icebreakers to get everyone talking. A movie night is always a good idea for parties with guests younger than 10 years. You can do this by writing down some questions on small pieces of paper and then tossing them in a large bowl. You can then pull out the bowl when it is appropriate.

Arrange food & beverages

You can make last-minute touches to the food and beverages while guests chat in the other room, whether you’re serving appetizers or a complete meal.

We recommend that you pass appetizers or set them down in your living room to host guests at a cocktail party. If you have a cheeseboard, it can be easily pre-arranged so that guests are ready to go. This is also true for glassware. You can put as many glasses as you like on the bar. Also, we recommend cutting up lemons or limes before you go so that you are ready for when your guests arrive.

Set the table in advance to host a dinner party or a sit-down dinner. This will save you time and create beautiful tables that enhance the already-created atmosphere. Although not all dinner parties should be held in the dining room or simultaneously, it is a good idea to gather around the largest table in the house if there are large guests. This party has a large guest list and requires party planning. It is different from just having a few friends over. You may want to set up table settings if the crowd grows beyond 8-10 guests. You can find beautiful place settings in almost every party store. Social Studies makes it easy to throw a memorable party. You can also make your version if you are a crafty person.

You don’t have to make a big deal about an overnight guest if you host a party or special occasion. Instead, invite your guest to join you in the evening’s dinner plans, whether it be dining out or cooking at home. You will make them feel more at ease if they are familiar with you.

Set Out Linens

Some additional rules must be followed when you have overnight guests. You can make a difference by tidying up the space and making it their own. We understand that it may seem excessive for friends and family to make sure toys and other items are hidden from children and dogs when they first arrive. Make sure your guest room is somewhere they can go to relax, read emails, or have some quiet time. Fresh linens are the best way to achieve this. Make sure you have changed the sheets at least a day before your guest arrives, and place clean towels on the top. It doesn’t matter if the towels are located in a prominent place in the bathroom. Your guest might not feel the same. Add fresh flowers to the arrangement. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch, even if your guest suffers from severe allergies.

A decorative wall can be used to create privacy for your guests without moving any furniture. You can have a perfect space for guests by simply putting up a screen in the living room in seconds.

Design the powder room

Your guests will be most likely to visit your powder room. Although half baths are usually small, they can still be very useful from a design perspective. We won’t cover all the ways that a powder room can be made a great space in your house, such as adding floor-to-ceiling wallpaper. However, some simple tips will make them look better before guests arrive. Always put fresh flowers in your bathroom, like in the guest room. So that guests can enjoy the fresh scent, light your favourite candle and blow it out before they arrive. It would be best always to have plenty of toilet paper and fresh towels. Extra towels and toilet paper can be stored in small wicker baskets under the sink, on a shelf, or behind the toilet.

It’s all about the experience and not following a set of rules.   

You don’t have to host guests in every capacity. It’s more about having fun with family and friends, no matter how large or small the group is. You won’t let your party guests know that not everything went as planned. Instead, they will remember how welcoming and warm the party was and how happy they spent time with those they love. These tips will make entertaining guests easy if you are ever stressed.

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