How to Podcast: A Reliable Guide To Get You Started with Your Podcast

The naysayers rejected podcasts when they first appeared. They claimed they were similar to radio. However, a lot has happened since then. Podcasts are now more popular.

51% of Americans say they have listened at least once to a podcast. 32% of the respondents also indicated that they have listened to podcasts in the last month.

Podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity. You are likely to be a podcast listener or consider starting your podcast.

We have compiled a complete guide to help you get started in podcasting. Although it might seem easy, there are many details that you must take care of.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Starting Your Podcast

Many things can go wrong with your podcast episode, from annoying background noises to awkward silences. This step-by-step guide will help you avoid making rookie mistakes when creating your first podcast.

Pick Your Niche

What is your podcast about? It’s a simple question. Before you answer the question, think about these factors. Consider what topic you would like to discuss. It should be something you truly love.

You can always find out more about things you don’t already know. Passion can motivate you to keep playing the game longer. Passion can help you build stronger relationships with people when you share your passions.

Once you’ve narrowed down a niche, it is important to take some time for research. It would be best to look at the most popular podcasts in your niche. You can read reviews and see what others think about them.

Listen to top podcasts to find out what works best for you. Please pay close attention to what questions they ask and how much they use podcasts.

You don’t have to imitate their style. It’s always a good idea to research your competitors.

Choose the length of your episode.

Before you can start to list topic ideas and work on content, it is important to decide how long each podcast episode should be. You may need additional research or more content depending on how long you want each podcast episode.

Podcast beginners often wonder if there’s a perfect length. This question is not definitive. This is not a case where one size fits all.

Your niche and audience will determine the length of your episode. This will make it very subjective to answer this question. To find out which niche works best, you will need to conduct your research.

Understanding your audience is key to deciding the length of an episode. Make a persona that represents your ideal listener. To understand their lives and habits, try to imagine yourself in their shoes.

Imagine, for example, that you are planning to create a podcast targeted at busy moms. It doesn’t make sense for you to record an episode lasting more than an hour. Your target audience is busy. They may not have the time or patience to listen to lengthy podcasts.

However, you don’t have to record podcast episodes longer than an hour. My Favorite Murder’s episodes are longer than an hour. It was once ranked #3 in iTunes. Your audience will listen to longer episodes as long as you have interesting content.

It would be best if you also thought about the environment in which your audience will listen to your podcast. Different environments can bring about different levels of freedom or limitations.

Your target audience will likely have plenty of freedom if they listen to podcasts mostly at home. However, listening to podcasts while working or commuting might face some limitations.

Choose the frequency of uploading episodes.

After you have determined the average length of your podcast, it is time to consider the frequency at which you upload. Your podcast audience will grow if you are consistent.

This is a must if you want to establish strong relationships with your audience. It is important to adhere to a posting schedule.

You may find it tempting to post more content for greater growth. It would be best to consider the time it would take to create your podcasts. It would be best to not make promises to your audience that are impossible to keep.

Here again, your niche may impact your decision. Are you sure that there are enough topics to discuss every week? It’s better to take it slow and increase frequency as your audience grows.

Make sure you buy the right equipment.

Podcasting appears to be a simple concept on the surface. It’s easy to turn on your phone recorder, and you can start talking. However, this won’t give you great audio quality.

Your audience won’t be impressed if they can hear your dog barking or vehicles passing by during your podcast.

If you want to create a great podcast, audio quality should be your top priority. Make sure you have a microphone that can effectively cancel out background noise. It should only pick up your voice.

If you plan on having guests over often, you can also purchase a headset or headphones.

Joe Rogan is a popular podcaster and ensures that each guest has a separate microphone and headphones to hear the show.

Perhaps you already have a pair of headphones. You can also buy a standalone microphone to complete your podcast collection. A microphone stand is also an option depending on where you intend to record your podcast episodes.

Prepare a Content Outline

Even the most talented podcast hosts might need some guidance to ensure they record their podcasts well. Many podcasters prefer to follow the flow and use a spontaneous approach. As long as the conversation is smooth, that’s okay.

It is helpful for others to have a rough outline of what you will say before you begin recording. Perhaps you would like to make bullet points outlining the topics you wish to discuss in your podcast.

It can serve as a guideline for your conversation. You don’t have to include the exact words you intend to use. You may need to give time estimates for each question and subtopic. Include time slots for background music if you plan on adding it between topics.

You can publish your podcast on multiple platforms.

After you’re done recording and processing, it’s time for your podcast to be released to the world. You will need to choose a podcast hosting platform.

These hosting platforms allow you to upload podcast episodes and publish them on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Libsyn, a popular podcast hosting platform, allows you to view your podcast analytics. It allows you to see the performance of your podcast. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to use.

Podcasters love iTunes as a platform to publish their podcasts. Here are the steps to publish your podcast on iTunes.

  • You will first need to create an RSS feed. You can skip this step if your podcast has already been uploaded to Libsyn. Libsync handles the feed creation.
  • Go to iTunes, and choose “Podcasts” in the menu at the top.
  • You’ll find the option to submit a podcast under Quick Links in the right column.
  • Note down your feed URL.
  • Complete all other information.
  • Click on “Submit.”

You will get a message from iTunes at the end of this process confirming that your podcast has been reviewed. Within a few days, you should receive an email from iTunes approving your podcast. After approval, you will search for the item in iTunes within 3-5 days.

SoundCloud is another platform where you can publish your podcast. SoundCloud’s greatest advantage is the ability to share your podcast on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

You can embed the audio link directly into your blog posts. This is a great way for multimedia elements to be added to your posts, making them more engaging. Blog posts could be published separately, with transcripts of each podcast.


Podcasting can be fun, but it doesn’t have to be all roses and sunshine. Each episode takes a lot of work. You must first find your niche and learn about your audience before entering the podcasting world.

Keep your conversations short and to the point. Make sure you have the best equipment for the best audio quality. To grow your podcast audience, you must keep publishing podcast episodes regularly.

You now know how to launch your podcast. Now it’s time to get started!


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