Ten entertainment ideas to delight your guests at events

Find the top entertainment ideas for events that will surprise and delight guests, creating a memorable experience.

Organizers often overlook entertainment at events. Entertainment makes events more fun by keeping attendees entertained with exciting shows or activities throughout the event. It can make the event more memorable.

Entertainment shows are also a great way to make your event memorable.

Entertainment isn’t just for in-person events. It can also be used online and in hybrid formats. Virtual events can offer more personal entertainment. Event organizers can provide content tracks that offer different entertainment options to give attendees more choices.

Entertainment is an important part of a team-building event. Entertainment is an important part of any event, helping to strengthen relationships and increase employee morale.

Entertainment breaks should complement your event programming. Be clear about your event goals and make sure entertainment aligns with your brand.

Also, consider the demographics and psychographics of your audience to determine what entertainment they want. You can also ask your audience directly using pre-event surveys to help you decide on entertainment ideas for your event.

We have compiled a list of some of the most loved entertainment ideas that will delight and surprise your guests to help you decide on the many options.

How can you entertain guests at a party?

First, caricaturists are a great entertainment option for events. People love to see artists creating work in real-time. It will also give attendees something to keep and share with others.

You might also consider hiring a Virtual Sketch Artist. This artist can draw your event live and visually communicate the key messages to your audience.

It is a great idea to have music performances by live bands or DJs for events.

They are sure to cheer up crowds during breaks and after events.

Virtual events allow you to think globally and expose attendees to music genres or cultures from other regions. A bossa Nova band, a Brazilian music style, can bring some excitement to your event and surprise guests. 

A comedian can bring laughter to your event and make it feel more relaxed.

A comedian can bring laughter to your event, whether it’s in between sessions or afterwards.

Because they are captivating and can capture an audience’s attention, magicians can be one of the most memorable entertainment options for events.

Mentalists can also deliver an interactive and mysterious experience that involves audience members. They perform mind readings, illusions, and other mind tricks.

Fortune Teller

A fortune teller can be a great entertainment option for event attendees. You don’t have to worry if you host a virtual event. Fortune-tellers such as Amelie Appleby can read palms remotely, leaving your audience feeling amazed and optimistic.

Photo Booths

Both event organizers and guests love photo booths. These booths add style to events and provide a backdrop that allows attendees to capture the event as soon as they arrive.

They are not limited to in-person events. Organizers can set up virtual booths. Also, attendees can personalize their selfies with different backgrounds, and organizers can add their branding.

Mixology class

Mixology classes are fun to entertain your guests at events with an interactive experience they will never forget.

Hire a mixologist like Rachael to teach attendees how to make great cocktails and have a blast at virtual events.

Virtual tour of

A virtual city tour can be a great entertainment option for travellers.

Local guides will guide attendees to the best attractions of New York or Barcelona from the comfort of their own homes.

Wine and food experiences

Events that include food and wine are great entertainment options. They strengthen relationships between participants in a relaxed setting.

You can create a virtual wine tasting environment where you send exceptional wines to your guests, and they taste them together.

You can also offer private cooking classes with a professional chef who will teach your guests how to make dishes such as paella or tacos.

You could also offer taste exploration experiences to make your event stand out. This allows attendees to discover their taste preferences and what makes them tick.

Games and contests

Gamified competitions and games are a great way for your audience to be energized and motivated. Playing games such as trivia or scavenger hunts can brighten the mood and strengthen relationships with your attendees.

What to do for a corporate party

Although a corporate party might sound boring at first glance, it is not. Although the corporate crowd can be difficult to please, there are many ways to ensure everyone has an amazing time.

An event organizer can organize activities that make your corporate party memorable, including interactive games, mixology classes, and fun photos at a photo booth.

Whatever entertainment you choose, create an environment where guests can temporarily forget about their work and enjoy great events.

Also, make sure to offer opportunities for people to meet and mix. A networking roulette can be your best friend, where people can meet in speed-dating-style encounters.

Check out our fun virtual event ideas for events or team meetings if you are hosting one.

5 tips for organizing corporate event entertainment

Know your audience understanding your event audience is crucial. You can gain valuable insight into your event attendees’ interests, hobbies, ages, and affinities by gathering information about them.

Keep in mind the size of your audience. Live music and stand-up comedy are great options for large groups. Interactive activities are more appealing to smaller groups. This allows people to get to know one another and participate in games or shows.

  1. You can think outside the box.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Be creative and go outside of the box. What can you do to surprise your guests? Formal corporate entertainment is appropriate, but you should consider Going Beyond the Normal to surprise your guests with something new.

  1. Get your attendees involved.

You can also think about entertainment at your event that involves participation. Engaging your guests as participants, rather than just spectators, will make the event more memorable. You will make your event memorable and not just another corporate event.

Trivia games are a great way to make corporate events more interactive. You can also invite your guests to speak on stage and perform a magic act.

  1. Make food and drinks.

People attend corporate events for food and beverages. Plan accordingly and provide quality food and beverages for your event. Be mindful of any food allergies or preferences that your guests may have. This will make it easier for your guests to complete the event registration form.

  1. Timeline and budget should be considered.

To plan your event entertainment, consider your budget and event timing when making your decision. Prices for the entertainment options we’ve listed can vary widely. Get multiple quotes from entertainment companies before you commit to a high-priced choice.

For help in creating an event budget Step-by-step guide to virtual and hybrid events


Although event planning isn’t rocket science, it takes time and research. Planning good events requires entertainment. It takes money, time and effort to plan your entertainment. It’s not enough to have fun. The entertainment must be appropriate for the occasion.


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