Ten Things Your Party Guests Will Not Tell You

You will be praised for hosting a wonderful evening by your well-mannered guests. But have you ever wondered what their real thoughts are as they walk down your driveway? We did all the research for you. Here are some insights from party guests who shared their opinions about their hosts. Plus, get party planning tips from an entertainer.

1. You can mix up your guest list. Why invite-only your friends or co-workers to your party? If everyone is not familiar with each other, the party will be less fun. Choose guests who have common interests in fitness and fashion. Invite a few friends who can help your icebreaker. Also, invite someone you don’t know well, such as the funny guy from church or that woman you see every spin class. Matchmaking opportunities are also an option: Stephanie, Minneapolis, MN, says that it would be wonderful if there were another person on the guest list who wasn’t my brother.

2 Clear visual clutter. Your guests will be more relaxed if your home is more peaceful. Use your party to get rid of unnecessary items. Put toys in a room that has a closed door. Then, put two-thirds of the toys (especially breakable) in a container. Reduce the number of photos on the mantel from three to two. Stephanie points out that “Wedding portraits are not a good home decor theme.” Reduce the decorations on the fridge. Permission slips, schedules for rec centres, and your children’s last three report cards can all be moved to a drawer.

3. Decorate your home. Clean up is the first step in creating an atmosphere. The second part of creating ambience is to make your home special. It should be more beautiful than when your best friend comes to collect your children from soccer practice. Madhu Puri is the entertaining editor at One Kings Lane’s online magazine.Love.Home. Add colour to your home with easy floral arrangements for a simple display. Choose one variety of flowers, such as baby’s breath, carnations or poppies. The stems can be cut at different heights, so you don’t have to worry about arranging.

Elizabeth, Portland, OR, says that she doesn’t need to see the contents of your bathrobe or what kind of birth control you are on. 4. Go through your bathroom again. This private area is where all your guests have access, so make sure it’s spotless. After clearing out personal items, sweep the floor, make your loo welcoming with extra toilet paper, clean towels, and additional rolls of toilet tissue.

5 Keep it simple and stick to the menu of easy-to-cook meals. Don’t try those complicated vegan Slovakian recipes that you found in a magazine. Your party is meant for everyone, including you! So make sure that your list of tasks is short. Elizabeth says that guests come to spend time with them. “Please don’t make a mess or cook more than you can handle.” Make crowd-pleasing meals that you can prepare ahead and then finish when your guests arrive.

6. Keep no-cook snacks on hand. Don’t expect dishes to be ready when guests arrive. Don’t let them starve. Puri says, “I make sure my guest can graze while i cook.” You can quickly set up nuts, cheeses, cured and smoked meats, chips, or other small snacks for your guests while you wait for the cooked food to arrive.

7. Don’t rush to get everyone a drink. There is no need to set up a large bar. Just a few bottles of wine and some iced beverages. Don’t forget plenty of glasses and water. Puri says that guests will thirst upon arrival. You can save time and money by planning, so you don’t have to rush to get everyone a glass of water.

8 Make sure you have your playlist ready for your guests when they arrive. You should also make sure that the music plays before your guests arrive. This will ensure that you don’t spend too much time fumbling with your stereo while guests sit in awkward silence. Puri says, “You want your home feel welcoming.” Music creates an instant atmosphere. Pandora.com is a great place to find music that fits your mood.

9. Everyone will be looking for somewhere to wipe their fingers after eating. “If you’re serving finger food, put out cocktail napkins,” says Puri. Keep small bowls with olive pits and toothpicks in your kitchen. Keep buffet tables clear of used plates and napkins by placing a few discreet trash bins outside. Also, place a tray for glasses and other small items in the area.

10 Do not apologize! After the party is over, you should stop pointing out flaws like stained floors or a worn-out sofa. Stop apologizing for the house! says Stephanie. Your home is beautiful, and you should be proud of it. If you are concerned about the quality of the food, it is important to bite your tongue. Elizabeth says that explaining why the risotto failed makes it less appealing to your guests. It also forces them to work overtime to prove how good everything is.

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