Ten Ways to Improve Your Production Skills

You should always strive to improve your music production skills, whether you want to make it a profession or just a hobby. To improve your music production skills, you should always be looking for new ways to do so. You will get more gigs, and your career will move faster if you’re a better producer. Here are ten easy ways to improve your music production skills.

More music available

Listen to different music every day. Listen to new genres, listen deeply to old music and hear music on the charts. Discover the music that inspired you and learn about their influences. Even if you don’t make this type of music right now, it will influence the music you create. It may be difficult to find the right music, but the knowledge you will gain and the inspiration it will bring are well worth it.

Learn Basic Music Theory

Listening to different types of music is only half the battle. You also need to understand how music is made. Music theory and learning an instrument is essential to improve your production skills. This will allow you to write and create music. Although you don’t need to be a music expert, it is good to learn the basics of chords and scales. You don’t have to learn traditional music lessons. There are many tutorials available online to help you!


You will think of new ideas when you collaborate with others. You will be able to see things differently from other creative minds, leading you to new ideas. You might discover a new style of music or a melody. Collaboration is a great way to inspire creativity. Some of the best music has been created through collaboration!

Embrace Critique

Collaboration and the production process should include constructive criticism. You will not improve if you only seek positive feedback about your music. It would be best to find people who can tell you what your music needs and where it can be improved. These critiques will help you see where your music can be improved and what you should do to improve it.


You shouldn’t use the same chord progressions repeatedly or the same tired drums and sounds that you have used for years. You can try new things and get out of your comfort zone. Do not fall into the same old patterns.

Learn how to use the gear you already have

It is important to have the best gear and software. But, it is also not a reason to stop looking for better. It’s easy to get lost among all the options and constantly search for the latest version. Instead, focus on what you already know. You will never have a deep understanding of the gear and software you own if you keep searching for new features. You will produce higher quality music if you take the time to understand the capabilities of your equipment.

Make sure you set up your speakers correctly.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on high-quality gear. Your listening space is the most important factor in how well your gear works. You can set up speakers as far away from walls and corners as you like. Even a few inches can make all the difference. When you’re listening to and mixing, make sure they are at the same distance from each other. This will enable you to make better decisions regarding panning and the respective levels in the stereo field.

Minimalist Living

When it comes to creating your music, less is more. You will need to learn how to edit your ideas to only include the best. It all comes down to experience. You know what sounds good because it has worked in the past. But it also requires a clear understanding of what the track should do and why it was created. This will help you decide what should remain and remove from the track.

Learn how to make your sounds

Learn how to make your sounds and stop relying on presets. You will need to be open to trying new things if you want to impact and be unique. It will be no longer necessary to search through presets for the sound you want, but you can make it! Although it may seem difficult at first, you will soon master the basics.

Use Your Music for the Right Purposes

It would be best if you didn’t make music for the money. Make it because you love it, and that is what it’s all about! While you should make money from your music production, this does not mean you should not. However, it would be best not to make it your primary goal. Your craft will suffer if you only focus on making money. You will stop developing your creativity and not create the music you love.

It would be best if you always learned more as you produced more music. These tips will help you to improve your music production. You will also gain the confidence to create great music outside your comfort zone.

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