The Survival Guide to Acting in Isolation

The world is quite frightening on a scale of one to terrifying. This is early March 2020, and the COVID-19 disease has devastated the world. There have been many wonderful moments during all this trauma. I saw citizens from Italy swaying in lockdown to sing in unison. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a delicious meal with his tiny horses, and I was blown away by this group of TikTok people. These legends are a reminder of how to use your time to support others, even in the face of fear and isolation. I believe that this time of isolation can be a great opportunity to improve your acting skills. You can do many things to improve your acting and make the most out of the solitude. We covered some in an Instagram article, but here are my top tips. Let’s get to it.

Read more plays

Larry Moss is a subject I often write about, and he’s in almost every article I write. Unfortunately, I’m not on his payroll yet. It’s because of how practical and powerful his advice is. He trained DiCaprio and Helen Hunt as well as Hillary Swank. Larry believes that you should read three plays per week. Three plays per week seem like a lot of reading, right? Here’s the good news, my friends.

Learn new monologues

Larry Moss is our subject, but his main tenet of advice was to learn four new monologues every three months. You could learn many new monologues considering the popularity of Corona and how long you are locked down. You can have a few new pieces, classics, and Shakespeare pieces ready for your next audition. Learn a few poems! This will improve your voice, but it could also be a great addition to an audition if the director asks you if there are any other things you can do for the role. Poetry is awesome – don’t forget it.

Work on your voice

When talking to actors about voice work, the main thing that blocks their progress is lack of time. It can be difficult to squeeze in a vocal warm-up between your day job and family commitments. You have the opportunity to isolate yourself. Voice work is essential to your success in acting. In this time, you can focus on resonance, pitch, tone, and articulation. Accents are also important! A great American accent and a British accent will help you communicate well in modern times.

Digital scene work:

This is a fun idea, and I am just riffing. However, if you’re bored at home and don’t want to leave, many other actors are available! The internet has never been more capable of providing video communication technology. So use it! Discord, Zoom, Google Duo, and many other sites offer excellent video conferencing options. Gather a few of your friends to chat digitally and work together on some scenes or a play reading. You don’t have to stay inside if you feel isolated. Isolation can be a difficult thing. Reach out to your friends, make use of the amazing power of the internet for friendship, and do what you love!

Do your research on the industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, reconnaissance. Recon is the name of the game. Andrew Hearle, who runs, stated on our Facebook page:

“I’m always amazed at the number of actors who are determined to be “successful” but don’t know much about the industry in which they want to succeed. This is the time to research your industry. Research local casting directors, producers and directors. Find out who is working and what will be happening in the next few years. This knowledge is so powerful !”

He isn’t lying, folks. Andy is often contacted by hundreds of actors every day, asking how they can get into Hollywood.

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