Things I Learned from Luke Cook

Luke Cook, an Australian actor, is best known for his roles in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Katy Keene. People don’t know much about Luke, but they do not realize how passionate and hardworking he is as an actor and writer. You should follow him to see some of his hilarious Instagram content. Luke was kind enough to talk with us about acting, creativity, and resilience. Here are my top five takeaways from that amazing chat (check out the bottom of this page for the complete interview).

“As soon you land on the plane, immediately go to an acting school and join a community of actors.”

Luke shared his personal experiences moving from Australia to LA to pursue his dream of being an actor. It cannot be easy to move across countries. Anyone who has experienced it will tell you that it can be hard! His central message is about building community. Your tribe is about finding people with similar interests and passions to help you make a career out of acting. Luke described LA as a city full of people trying to get something out of you’. It can be hard. It’s great advice to build a community and learn valuable skills at an acting school.

“One thing that I did always do was work on British plays. And now, my British accent is very good.” This is how I got my gig as Lucifer on Sabrina. It was because I was obsessed with British plays.

It would not be logical to think that working on your Noel Coward is the best way to get a big role on a Netflix series. It was almost exactly that made Luke the winner. Luke worked 5 hours per day for five years to perfect his craft, especially his accent work for American and British plays. He was able to have a solid foundation in technique and a real sense of confidence in his abilities. It is possible to find your passions and use them as an actor. Your childhood horse riding adventures could have helped you book Marco Polo. Or, your love of British theatre could have been a key factor in landing a role in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Luke’s passion and determination for acting are what shine through the most. He was determined to do it. He prioritized what he liked and was able to make the most of an audition that came his way. This audition was a success because he followed his gut, heart, and head.

It’s still something that I struggle with. I have this theatrical energy, and I want to be entertaining. They were like, stop – be here with this person. It’s something I am still learning.”

Luke talks about his journey to becoming an actor. I have struggled with this, and I know many other actors who have had similar struggles. It cannot be easy to feel interesting when you’re just starting, especially when the camera begins rolling. To demonstrate to an audience that you are present, a great actor or just interesting in general. This is a big mistake. Luke suggests that you avoid this by being present in the scene with the person in it. Declan Donnellan, the great Irish actor teacher and director, said that ‘for the actor, there’s always a target, and the target’ is always moving. The best way to avoid it is to be present with the other person in the scene, listening to them and letting their words affect you and your own words affect them. When you attempt to do something for the sake of or prove something, the entire scene will collapse.

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