What training do you need to be an actor?

An astronaut must spend ten years in training before becoming an astronaut. You haven’t landed on the wrong website, but don’t be alarmed. We are here to discuss your acting career and, more specifically, the training that you must do. Before an astronaut can move into advanced training that will prepare them for a space mission, they must first spend ten years training. A more concrete path or timeline will help you reach your goals, whether you want to become an actor or continue to develop as an actor.

What training do you need to be an actor?


Acting is not rocket science, unlike becoming an astronaut. As someone who loves acting and has spent much of the past decade learning how to be a better actor, I can honestly say that. While I don’t want to minimize the importance and power of storytelling, acting is not something you need to learn. You can write a brief script and grab a friend to do some acting right away, just like any artistic pursuit. This is especially important if you are starting your career.

Learn on the Job

Don’t let formal training stop you from acting. It is not worth people not acting because they haven’t spent three years at an institution training. If this were true, the art form would crumble under the weight of its elitism. Acting in any role is an amazing way to learn. You will learn a lot about filmmaking and what it takes to be an actor by being an extra or playing a small part. You will learn what an actor must do, in both skills and conduct.


Every approach to acting has pros and cons. You can start now without the need to seek formal training. You can find scripts, start building your network of actors and begin the process of making things happen for yourself. You can also bring your uniqueness to your acting training.

Some training

The ‘atypical approach’ to acting training has been mentioned. This includes gaining experience and drawing upon other skills you have acquired over your lifetime. So what is a typical approach to acting training? Asking actors today the question, “How much training do you require to be an actor?” 9/10 of them would answer the following: “Goto drama school!” Drama school is an acting-based education institution that offers short and long courses. It gives you the experience and skills to become a professional actor. This was how I trained in my career. My colleagues in the industry use this, and it continues to be the best method for training actors.

“So, You Say I Should Go To Drama School?”

You can be heard over there, on the other side of your screen. You searched for an answer to your question about what you should learn in acting training. I don’t think there is a foolproof way to train actors. Actors have done three full-time acting courses (plus 7+ years of their lives!) I have never seen actors achieve any real success as actors. I have also seen actors in professional feature films with big budgets who were picked up on the streets for their individuality and uniqueness. Although there is no guarantee of success, you can maximize your chances of success.

An unending amount

This conversation boils down to the fact that actors should never stop learning. Acting is a craft. Just as a violinist would continue to train to improve, so should actors. There are always things to learn and more work to do. There are many training options available, including screen-acting, voice, accent, voice, voice, martial arts classes, horse riding, instrument learning, and improv classes.

What training do you need to be an actor?

Let me close this conversation by asking you a question.

We can follow many paths to build our careers as actors. Others choose to work as actors and get little formal training. Some actors have achieved success, while this limits others.

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