Your Success is More Than Yours

I am a much better person because of anime. It is without a doubt.

It’s a bizarre way to start an article. I get it. But, please, stay with me.

Unabashedly, I have been watching anime religiously for many years. One of the reasons that keep me returning to it is the profound life lessons embedded in each story. Although not all series are created equal (some truly unique ones exist), we’re talking here about the best. I find anime to be a source of digestible profundity unlike any other.

A poignant lesson that I find important for actors is that success does not belong to just one person. The anime protagonist’s achievements are possible only with many people’s support (direct or indirect). In the same way, their wins are also those of other people.

You may feel a little lost, disinterested, or need to have a deeper appreciation of the craft that you have chosen to dedicate your life to, then take a moment and consider these thoughts via the folks below.

The larger community

Consider how many people unknowingly shaped the path that you are on today. The big picture is the English teacher in primary school, the bar manager at drama school, who was always amused by your interests and curious about what you do, and the Uber driver who truly wished you all success.

These figures don’t have to be ‘benevolent’ characters if you temporarily struggle to find the right words. Based on my experience, I have received just as much (if any, let’s not lie!) fuelling my journey. I proved wrong those who said it was impossible. You know who you are.

Although you may only have one interaction with them, this is a Buddhist practice: Zooming out to cultivate a consciousness of all those who served you.

Sometimes actors can feel marginalized and marginalized. Even a brief visit here can help to dispel this false belief. These guys are like the smiling innkeeper who gives you a place to stay for the night or the old ramen shop proprietor who steals your extra noodles. Their success is our success.

The industry community

Think about all the people involved in getting you on stage or onto the screen. The truth is that we are often only the tip of an iceberg. Unless you create your content yourself, then you have the power. Most people don’t realize, or even understand, how much work goes into making a production a success. Maybe the director and producers, but what about stage managers, production assistants, casting, costume and makeup, catering, building managers, location scouts and transport??

How about the accountant that ensures everyone gets their precious dollars bills on time? These friends are essential, and we should be grateful.

We may feel like we are the underdog and must prove ourselves every time, but everyone in this industry wants us to succeed. Every producer, director, and caterer wants to work alongside the kindest, most talented actors. They want us to be there. These people are like the many sidekicks and friends one has in anime. Their success is our success.


It’s easy to feel, at least for a moment, like everything is conspiring in your favour when you think about your entire adventure.

It can be difficult to keep this feeling of gratitude and trust in your heart, but it could change how you respond to challenging, confusing, or anger-inducing situations.

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