How to make your acting career in 2022


It’s 2022. It’s a brand new year. This is your chance to kick-start your acting career and get things moving.


Let’s start with mindset. Ask any celebrity or actor how they got there. You’ll hear things like Failure just wasn’t an option” (Jennifer Lawrence), I loved every audition because it was an opportunity for me to act”(Bryan Cranston), “B you, in the most vivid way possible” by Meryl Streep.

A healthy mindset is the key to a successful career. It is time to examine your attitude towards creativity and acting. Write down all negative thoughts that come to mind as you consider the year ahead and your career in acting. Are you a self-pitying person who is not famous every day? Do you procrastinate, believing it is not worth it and knowing it won’t bring any results? Do you avoid shame, embarrassment and loneliness? You’ll notice that they seem less scary if you write them down. It’s easy to see how ridiculous they are once you write it down. “It won’t be perfect so there’s no point trying?” This is one of my main evil Indy comments I am STILL working with.

After you have identified your demons, look at your cheerleaders. This is also known as their Inner Child, mantra or spirit. You don’t know who or what cheers you on. You aren’t giving up, so why not keep going? This is your goal. Now, focus on this, reduce your demons, and get your cheerleaders up. These things are not easy to do. Everyone is different, so take your time and find the best approach for you. Our goal is to change our mindset from being depressed and negative to one that is positive and instilling. Your career will follow your mind.

Realistic goals

Identify what you are looking for, and then focus your attention there. Do not look further (lead roles at Netflix), but instead focus on what you have in front of your face (weekly acting classes, new headshots and vocal warm-up, writing your play). Too big goals can make it difficult to stay focused and motivated. Start small and keep it simple. You’ll be able to make your goals smaller and more manageable. What are your goals, and where can you find them? You could start by meditating every morning on my mantra for 8 minutes or emailing a photographer to get a quote. No matter what goals you have, be sure that you can stick to them. Then, you can start. You can do anything tomorrow.

Momentum is everything

Have you ever noticed how one audition can lead to another? Then a friend emails asking you to perform in their Fringe show. Then someone offers you a free acting class, and your agent calls you about new headshots. Forces influence every day. You can use them to your advantage or stay still and drift along in a sea of nothing, nothing and more. The Universe will help you get started. Find your undercurrent and ride it.

You don’t want to feel stuck or in the same spot right now. Make a move. Send some emails to agents, sign up for weekly acting classes, and put down 2x more self-tapes. Keep moving! You can’t have it all. Start by writing down all the small tasks and goals you have. Keep going and build momentum.

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