Award-winning director Jennifer Perrott, who grew up in a Defence Force community has written a poignant and tender film about an Aussie soldier struggling to return to family life after war.

Told through the eyes of his young daughter, this story looks at the challenges facing returning service personnel coping with trauma and the effects on their families. It has a hopeful and positive ending.

Starring INDIANNA GREGG (her film debut), SARAH SNOOK (‘Succession’, ‘The Beautiful Lie’, ‘The Dressmaker’) and JEREMY LINDSAY TAYLOR (‘Puberty Blues’, ‘Offspring’, ‘Playing for Keeps’).


When young Ruby’s father returns unexpectedly from war, his volatile state makes it difficult for the family to reconnect. Ruby’s anxieties are projected onto a pair of ravens, vigilantly defending their nearby nest, who become a catalyst for the troubled family’s journey from crisis to healing.


THE RAVENS has been nominated for and won a number of awards:

2017 Noosa International Film Festival – Best Director (Win)

2017 Lake Champlain International Film Festival – Best Picture (Win)

2017 Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival – Best Short (Win)

2017 Pielagos en Corto – Best International Short Film (Win)

2017 Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) Award for Best Sound in a Short Fiction (Win)

2017 Best International Actress – New Renaissance Film Festival (Win)

2017 Best Short and Grand Jury Best Picture – 10th Annual Jersey Shore Film Festival (Win)

2017 Best Short Fiction – 3rd Annual Montevideo World Film Festival (Win)

2017 Best Short Film New Jersey International Film Festival (Win)

2017 Rob Knox Film Festival – Best Cinematography in a short film (Win)

2017 Pietrasanta International Film Festival – Best Short Film (Win)

 2017 Worldfest Houston – 50th Annual International Independent Film Festival Gold Remi Award Winner

2017 Best Fiction Short Film – San Lorenzo Film Festival

2017 Rochester International Film Festival – Shoestring Award (Win)

2016 – Audience Choice Award at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Win – tie)

2016 – 54th Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival (Win)

2016 Heartland Film Festival Grand Prize for Best Narrative Short (Win)

2016 Red Poppy Award for Best Narrative Fiction – Veterans Film Festival (Win)

Screen Music Award 2016 (Nomination)

2016 Shorts Mexico – Honorific Mention for best International live action short film

2012 Australian Writers Guild Award for best un-produced screenplay (Nomination)


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