The Survival Guide to Acting in Isolation

The world is quite frightening on a scale of one to terrifying. This is early March 2020, and the COVID-19 disease has devastated the world. There have been many wonderful moments during all this trauma. I saw citizens from Italy swaying in lockdown to sing in unison. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a delicious meal with his tiny horses, and I […]

Your Success is More Than Yours

I am a much better person because of anime. It is without a doubt. It’s a bizarre way to start an article. I get it. But, please, stay with me. Unabashedly, I have been watching anime religiously for many years. One of the reasons that keep me returning to it is the profound life lessons […]

What exactly is a sizzle reel, you ask?

I sat down with actors from around the globe to give advice, run lines, and discuss the industry’s current state. One thing that kept coming up was: “I don’t like my showreel”, and I want agents to contact me once it’s over. The sizzle reel is the answer, ladies and gentlemen. A sizzle reel is […]

Iain Sinclair: What can you learn

I first encountered director Iain Sinclair in Griffin’s 2005 production. It was indoctrinated into us by head-acting-teacher-at-the-time, Kevin Jackson, that if we didn’t take our last $4.75 and use it to schlep into Kings Cross on a school night for the consumption of art at the expense of a hot meal……then, in his eyes, we were […]

How to Be More Believable

This is a question that I am often asked. How can I act more convincingly and truthfully? It’s simple, and no one said it better than George Costanza, the great sage of 90s television. He told Jerry before a polygraph test that he believed it was a lie. This is, in essence, believing in your circumstances […]

$250 Self-Tape for Actors

You’re working on a budget and only have enough money to pay for 1 or 2 self-tapes per month. You might not have the budget to spend thousands on a professional self-tape setup, but you still need it! Let’s look at what we can do to get a great self-tape set up for less than $250. […]

A Guide to Eyeliners

Acting is theoretically a breeze. As with any abstract art, the layman often looks at it and says, “I could do that!” Eyeliner is one of the most important, small, vital, and overlooked aspects of acting that will distinguish the pros from the amateurs. What are your eyes looking at? Is it the best place to look? […]

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